About Future Need (Pvt) Ltd

Future Need (Pvt) Ltd, affiliated to the Future group of companies, is an integrated business entity with a holistic eco-system keeping future in mind. As the name implies, Future Need (Pvt) Ltd is primarily focused on importing a mixed platter of goods from numerous countries including China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, India, Australia, and the Middle East. The import structure of Future Need (Pvt) is diversified into several industry specific verticals, each of which have been integrated into the company structure as subsidiary entities of Future Need (Pvt) Ltd.

Imports of the Future Group of Companies include Toys, Automobile Spare Parts, Galvanized Steel products including Hot Coil Roll, Cold Coil Roll, Colour Coated Steel Coil, Printed PVC Lamination Roll, Cartons, Hot Stamping Machines, and several agriculture centric imports including agriculture spray machines, agriculture combine harvesters and Parts, Forming Machines, Polythene, and Masonry Stone Cutting Machines.

All imports undertaken by Future Need (Pvt) Ltd are processed under the following subsidiary entities under the Future Need umbrella. Future Cargo (Pvt) Ltd, Future Ausifood (Pvt) Ltd, Kids Dreams (Pvt) Ltd, and Kids Apparel (Pvt) ltd.

Our Vision

All individual companies of Future Group are consistently driven towards the single unifying goal of ensuring a steady, sustainable, and uninterrupted supply of products and services to the nation.

Our Mission

Our Mission since inception has been to emphasize focus on development of the future, by ensuring a steady, sustainable, and uninterrupted flow of products and services, in all aspects of industry and agriculture as well as development of the nation’s future, i.e it’s children.

The generations lining up to bring this nation into the next century should be provided a sound, sustainable, industrial and agricultural infrastructure as well as a solid psychological and physiological infrastructure, towards which all imports of the Future Group of Companies are aimed.

Board of Directors

Mr. S.H.C.T. Senerath

Group Managing Director/ Chairman

Mr. P. Perera

Non-Executive Director